Hi. My name is Sander.a picture of me

I’m 24, live in Ghent, Belgium and I am a programmer during the day.

In the evenings I attend saxophone and jazz classes, go out drinking a beer with some friends, or just stay home spending my time with nothing very interesting.

My blog is about that last thing. I came to realize that we’re wasting so much time, while we’re constantly looking a little jealously at the cool things our friends seem to do. And we all have all these awesome ideas, but almost never start any of them.

It’s been a few weeks since I felt I had to change that. But I already noticed that actually it’s not easy to “go playing around”. I’m basically interested in too many things and I can show off some nice procrastination behavior from time to time. So I essentially choke my free time with a lot of activities and I waste the remainder on stupid things. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself in this description too…

So this blog will represent my search for a more patient “me”, trying to free up my agenda from the unuseful activities, and start to experiment with some ideas, chase my dreams and play around!


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