The Too Many Interests Problem

Last night I spent most of my time on a single task and when I went to bed, I thought “NO! But I still want to do this and that! And this. And that!” 

Do you recognize this? I couldn’t get to sleep soon, so I made a list of “what I still wanted to do” and started googling “help I have too many interests!”, because clearly my wishes were stressing me out.

So if you feel this too from times to times, it seems that you’re likely a Millenial a.k.a. Generation Y, born roughly after about 1980. Their parent’s generation had a lot of success and taught their children to pursue anything they’d like. They could do it! So people from our generation have developed a whole lot of interests, and when the time comes they need to manage their own home, job and maybe a family, it might make them feel like they just don’t have enough time in their lives to do everything they want.

I found this video quite helpful:

I think the most important thing is to re-do the Warren Buffet thing from time to time, to re-evaluate your 5 priorities. No need to throw away the “20 others” (that’s too dramatic – unless you feel it may be necessary). Nor do you need to create an “impossible list” or a “now page” if you don’t want to. But finding out what you want most of all is incredibly helpful.


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