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He’s back!

Well, let’s not say that too loudly. I just felt like writing something on my blog again.

The past few months, my free time went to helping create a new website for the orchestra I play in, some homework for a project at the company, jazz classes in the evening and I started playing in a band.

The band is called C-duction (some hidden – ahem – publicity won’t hurt) and plays mainly 70s, 80s and 90s rock and pop hits like 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Let Me Entertain You, Bad Girls, All Summer Long, Steamy Windows,… It’s really fun to play live music on stage and see the people having fun on the dance floor. So occasionally me and other wind instruments players enjoy ourselves with writing down the trumpets’, saxophones’ and trombone’s accompaniments, and last week I really loved to make a transcription of Tina Turner’s performance of Tonight.

We only play it once, on request, for a performance at a couple’s wedding anniversary this weekend, but it’s a beautiful song and the saxophone solo is awesome, so I volunteered to write this one down, based on the keyboard & guitar lines in the original – it has no wind instruments’ accompaniment. I’m no genius at this kind of job so it took me hours and hours… But I loved being able to play with the track, certainly the solo. (If you’d like to try it out, use this. Note that I know it’s not perfect…)

Tonight - Tina Turner

I like the stories behind songs and artists. I came across rumors on the internet stating that the two artists would’ve had sex the night before they did this show. They seem very close indeed… But most important of all it’s a beautiful duet.

Talking about stories behind songs… In the jazz ensemble class we were told a story about Paul Gonsalves, who had drinking and drugs problems and had problems not to fall asleep during shows with Duke Ellington’s big band. Hilarious! Try to spot him in the video below.

At the end you can hear someone shout on stage “WAKE UP PAUL!” (very silent on the recording). At the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival, immediately after a similar wakeup shout, he played a world-famous 27 (!) chorus solo (Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue).

And this week’s prize for coolest party dress code advice goes to Parliament… We saw their clip in the jazz theory class. At the next party I’m going to I should dress like this. =D

O yeah. For those that would like to see Prince in another way than in all those videos of his shows that are shared on Facebook: look at this New Girl episode (on Netflix, for example). The episode itself is not one of the best in the series, but this is the only opportunity to see Prince playing table tennis I think… 🙂


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